COVID19 Daily Digest

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At the time of this writing, the total cases of coronavirus (COVID19) in the United States is 6,650,000 with 197,000 deaths.  The second wave, which peaked in July, is waning.  My home state of Calfornia now has the most cases in the US with 772,000.  All of these numbers are quite sobering.  COVID19 affects how I practice daily.  All elective surgeries require testing, which has become the standard of care.  I have had to cancel surgery once due to a young asymptomatic patient in her twenties testing positive.  Most patients get tested at urgent care facilities, which charge around $100-150.  Cosmetic surgery patients accept this expense, but some reconstructive surgery patients can not afford testing fees.  I have been lucky to not lose any patients or personal contacts to COVID19.  Others have not been so fortunate.  We have been fortunate in these COVID times.  My wife and kids can do their work and school from home.  We are amateur home schooling like the rest of California.  My recommendation to my patients is to wear mask at all times in public when social distancing is not possible and wash hands.  Avoid crowds. Take care of yourself with daily exercise and eat healthy.  This too shall pass.

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