Man has Abdominoplasty Tummy Tuck after Weight Loss from Bariatric Surgery

Procedure Details


Tummy Tuck after Bariatric

Surgery: abdominoplasty, rectus plication, umbilical hernia repair

Patient is healthy 39-year-old man who underwent gastric sleeve and has subsequently had massive weight loss of over 150 pounds. His weight has been stable for 2 years. He is currently at his goal weight.  He had blood work performed in the last year to monitor micronutrients and minerals. His primary concern now is excessive skin in his medial thighs, followed by his infra umbilical abdomen, and his lower back. He has rubbing and chafing and has difficulty finding clothing. He has difficulty with exercise. He develops rashes and intertrigo. He was referred by his gastric bypass doctor who noted the intertrigo of his skin folds. He has tried topical powders and creams.


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