Woman has Tummy Tuck, Rectus Plication, Flank Liposuction

Procedure Details


Woman has Tummy Tuck Lipo

SURGERY: Abdominoplasty,  Tightening of rectus muscles, bilateral flank Liposuction 1300cc

Patient is female middle age healthy presents for rejuvenation of abdomen. She is bothered by her sagging sagging abdominal skin. She wants to do abdominal and flank lipo surgery at the same time to save downtime. We talked about removing excess abdominal skin. She is unhappy with the abdominal contour. She would like her abdomen to be flat. She would like this scar to be as low as possible so it's hidden in a bathing suit. She also would like fat to be removed from her flanks to improve her contour and improve her hourglass figure. She's otherwise healthy and has no medical problems.


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