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Why should you choose Ethan Baughman Plastic Surgery in Westlake Village, CA for your plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments? What sets plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Ethan Baughman apart? In addition to his years of education, training, and experience, Dr. Baughman carefully designed his practice to be centered on the needs and goals of his patients. Dr. Baughman and his team always strive to put patients first with first-class care, personalized treatment plans, and amazing results. The best way to demonstrate Dr. Baughman's commitment to his patients is by sharing his patient reviews so we've compiled the experiences and stories of real people and their results here for your convenience. Once you've decided that Ethan Baughman Plastic Surgery in Westlake Village is the right choice for you, please contact us to schedule your initial consultation.

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Review from J.A.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Mar 14, 2022

Dr. Baughman was referred to me by a friend who is a nurse Practitioner. I followed his Instagram for months before going to see him. I had a complete Mommy make over done by him. Tummy Tuck, muscle repair, breast lift, with small implants, and lipo to the flanks. I had a large tumor removed from my breast in 2015 and as a result I was lopsided and had a hole in my breast. Dr. Baughman was able to even out my breasts and give them a round and natural appearance. I have given birth to 5 children and it showed, after my tummy tuck, muscle repair and lipo. I’ve had to buy all new clothes nothing fits! I don’t have a roll when I sit down, I no longer get asked if I’m expecting another baby!! I’ve been bikini shopping for the first time in my life!! Dr. Baughman was always a text away and very responsive to any questions and concerns, he has been there to help me through all of the healing bumps in the road! My body is still healing and things are still changing but everyday I get more and more amazed with my results!! More

Review from K.S.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Sep 19, 2019

Dr Baughman was my plastic surgeon in St. Louis last year when I received a breast augmentation.  He was very attentive, answered all my questions, and followed up with me after my surgery to make sure I was ok.  I was 38 when I received my breast augmentation.  This is my first major surgery and I was super nervous.  I was completely flat chested and couldn't fit in a double A bra.  Now, I am a 32 DD 5 ft, 120 lbs.  My shoulders are a bit wide, so now I wish I would have gone bigger, but the results from the size I chose is fantastic! (I chose 415 cc R and 345 cc L) I initially wanted a natural look, but I, like most patients, prefers now a larger size.  But this is just my perception, Dr Baughman was great!  I am now able to wear tube tops, I can go bra less and my breasts are really perky.  The scars are minimal, my recovery time wasn't as bad or long as I thought I would be.  I received my surgery on a Wednesday and went back to work on Monday.  I wasn't able to make full turns on the steering wheel while driving for a bit.  And I couldn't do any push ups or arm exercises for at least 4 months and by then I still didn't feel comfortable.  It's been 13 months since my surgery.  Overall, I wouldn't change my experience or have chosen another physician.  Thank you Dr Baughman, you have changed my life for the better and I love my results!!!!! More

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